Conquest symbol
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The original set skeleton document made for Conquest. The card numbers are out of date because they have been changed to reflect the cycles present in the set.


CW01 - creature, small*

CW02 - creature, small, life gain *

CW03 - creature, small, creature removal

CW04 - creature, small, enchantment removal*

CW05 - creature, small, tapper 

CW06 - creature, small, flying

CW07 - creature, small, flying, flicker 

CW08 - creature, small, first strike*

CW09 - creature, medium

CW10 - creature, medium, plains matters life gain

CW11 - creature, medium, flying, vigilance

CW12 - instant, p/t boost

CW13 - instant, global pump and untap

CW14 - instant, protection

CW15 - sorcery, enchantment removal

CW16 - sorcery, token making

CW17 - enchantment, aura, p/t boost

CW18 - enchantment, aura, creature removal

CU01 - creature, small*

CU02 - creature, small, card draw*

CU03 - creature, small, wall

CU04 - creature, small, flying*

CU05 - creature, small, flying, -X/-0 

CU06 - creature, small, flying, hand reveal

CU07 - creature, medium, bounce*

CU08 - creature, large, islandwalk island matters 

CU09 - instant, twiddling

CU10 - instant, soft counter 

CU11 - instant, hard counter

CU12 - instant, sift

CU13 - instant, p/t morph

CU14 - sorcery, card draw*

CU15 - sorcery, fateseal all players*

CU16 - sorcery, bounce*

CU17 - enchantment, aura, positive

CU18 - enchantment, aura, creature removal

CB01 - creature, small*

CB02 - creature, small, lifelink*

CB03 - creature, small, sac drainlife swampmatters

CB04 - creature, small, intimidate*

CB05 - creature, small, flying, etb raise dead

CB06 - creature, medium

CB07 - creature, medium, flying, deathtough

CB08 - creature, medium, shade, regenerate

CB09 - creature, medium, sac a creature for p/t

CB10 - creature, medium, form of regeneration

CB11 - instant, card draw

CB12 - instant, drain creature or player

CB13 - instant, creature removal

CB14 - sorcery, sacrifice*

CB15 - sorcery, machinations*

CB16 - sorcery, discard*

CB17 - sorcery, creature removal

CB18 - enchantment, aura, discard

CR01 - creature, small*

CR02 - creature, small, panic, haste*

CR03 - creature, small, looter

CR04 - creature, small, prod, haste

CR05 - creature, small, first strike

CR06 - creature, medium

CR07 - creature, medium, etb hit player firebreath

CR08 - creature, medium, +X/+0 pump intimidate

CR09 - creature, large

CR10 - instant, loot

CR11 - instant, plus p/t

CR12 - instant, damage to creature or player

CR13 - instant, damage to multiple creatures 

CR14 - sorcery, damage to player*

CR15 - sorcery, artifact/land destruction*

CR16 - sorcery, cool punisher card*

CR17 - sorcery, threaten 

CR18 - enchantment, aura, positive

CG01 - creature, small*

CG02 - creature, small*

CG03 - creature, small, mana related

CG04 - creature, small, +1/+1 global buffs*

CG05 - creature, small, deathtouch

CG06 - creature, medium, hexproof 

CG07 - creature, medium, reach 

CG08 - creature, medium, trample*

CG09 - creature, large,

CG10 - creature, large, trample

CG11 - instant, flying hate

CG12 - instant, p/t boost

CG13 - sorcery, land ramp*

CG14 - sorcery, fight, artifact/enchantment hate

CG15 - sorcery, +1/+1 counters*

CG16 - sorcery, medium creature token*

CG17 - enchantment, aura, positive

CG18 - enchantment, aura, positive

CA01 - creature, medium

CA02 - sac effect, mana related

CA03 - tap ability, mana related

CA04 - equipment, p/t boost

CA05 - equipment, evasion

CL01 - produces W, cycle from play

CL02 - produces U, cycle from play

CL03 - produces B, cycle from play

CL04 - produces R, cycle from play

CL05 - produces G, cycle from play

CL06 - produces colorless, creature removal

What is a Set Skeleton?

Mark Rosewater's article on set skeleton creation.